Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation | Evanston Main Law Office - Evanston, IL

I am an experienced civil litigation attorney, and I can assist you with your legal needs. Civil litigation can be a broad term, and this area can consist of many aspects of law. Have you been involved in a dispute? Have you experienced a personal injury due to the fault of someone else such as medical malpractice or an automobile accident? In any of these situations, you may be in need of a civil litigation attorney.

Many individuals require civil litigation lawyers for needs pertaining to wills, trusts, and estate planning. It is essential to think about and plan for the future so that you do not leave your loved ones behind with an incredible burden to face. You must ensure that you are taking the necessary proactive legal steps to plan for your future.

It can be incredibly personal to deal with a will or a trust, and it is important for you to find an attorney you can trust to deal with these sensitive matters. I am dedicated to taking care of and reassuring my clients.

In addition to wills, trusts, and estate planning, I can assist you with your general litigation needs. In short, I have the experience and knowledge you are seeking in an attorney.

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